Friday, March 25, 2011

Japan's Aftermath, 2 Weeks Later

2 weeks ago, the earthquake and tsunami disaster destroyed a big part of Japan.
On my blog, I collected a bunch of pictures into one post.

After seeing a lot of the images, how do you feel? Have you donated lately, or done anything to help out the people of Japan? Do you have any friends or family in Japan, and have you heard from them lately?

After the VOICES event...

What has surprised you during that event? Has it change your meaning of what an Asian is all about? Was this event inspiring to you? How?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Beginnings

through out the class there has been good times and bad just like any class. Over all what did you like best about the class. What could you recommend for incoming students. Also what could you suggest to improve the class next quarter?

closing time

Now that the class is now coming to an end, what was your favorite activity you participated in during the quarter. Also how did this activity help your learning experience through out the class.

Ready for the final?

From Kelly Kanemori:

Now that our last class meeting and final exam is tomorrow, what are some things
that you have gotten out of this class? Are you prepared for the final?
What is Haunani-Kay Trask's poem in the reader, "Apologies" talking about?
What is the underlying theme in Dong Hwan Ku' s story in the reader, "War Zone". I cant figure it out.